Faitheroic Generation Brand New Step Ups, June 2020

These great people are making it work even when the whole world are complaining that it's not working.

Our Brand New 3 Ruby Director

Mr. Jagunmolu AbdulFatai

He started just like anyone of us, and whatever he achieve is a proof that you can achieve it too. Just copy what he did and you will get what he is getting

Quotes From Him

"If outstanding success is what you want, then don't wait, don't complain, don't quit. Do what must be done and you will get what you must get"

What next?

"Our next assignment is to focus is on the next post in front of us. There is a muscle which may want to hold us back, which will make us feel like we achieve something worthwhile and we may want to feel relaxed. Sometimes this muscle is a challenges that seem too big. This muscle is an enemy to our progress, let's crush it"

Mr. Jagunmolu.

Our Brand New Emerald Director for June 2020

Our Brand New Emerald Director - Mr. Olajide olagoke

Hello everyone 👋

My name is Olajide olagoke.

I was a photographer before I heard about this business opportunity and joined this business has a married man with three daughters.

One beautiful day, my sponsor came to my house to explain this business to and I see it as an opportunity for me and family to move out of poverty and I grabbed the opportunity and start as a member--- Distributor ---- Manager---- Senior Manager ---- Director ---- And today I'm balance Emirad Director in the business building the business of sapphire Director.

If I can do it as a married man with three daughters, I know everyone here can do better and we will meet at the Top.

Applause to God Almighty.

Emerald Director

Short Story

Name: Olajide olagoke

Work Before: Photographer

Position: Emerald Director

Native of: Ilesha

Our Brand New Emerald Director - Mr. Oloyede Iliyas Olalekan(IGYNATY)

My name is Oloyede Iliyas Olalekan(IGYNATY)

I'm a student of both school and Ilekewu.

Immediately, I heard about this business from Sponsor.

I left school immediately, and none of my parents knew I left, I didn't tell them because I'm trying to protect their future!

I'm living in Arabic school (Ilekewu) hostel, everything was very hard then, but i have determination that i will do the business and ready to face the challenges.

My key to success in this business is that: Immediately I joined, I see that, the secret behind this business success is to help people as much as possible, Since then I love prospecting and the prospecting really help me today.

These are my achievements for the month of June:

1) I'm a balance emerald director stepping up to sapphire director

2) I'm also a super star achiever.

You know what?

My Eaning before I joined this business is ₦4,000 per month and rise to ₦150,000+ per month now.

So, If Omo Ilekewu can do it, why not you?

Applause to God almighty!

Thank you!

Emerald Director

Short Story

Name: Oloyede Iliyas (IGYNATY)

Work: Student(Omo Ilekewu)

Position: Emerald Director

Native of Oba, Osogbo, Osun State.

Started business : December 15 2017

Our Brand New Emerald Director - Mr. Daramola Gabriel Olawale

I appreciate God and those who believe in me and themselves.

My name is Daramola Gabriel Olawale Native of Osun state, I join the business in 2017 .

Before this fantastic opportunity am a student looking forward to my admission to tertiary institution, I heard about the passive income network marketing will offer me I grabbed the opportunity now today am a Neolife Emerald director.

My advise goes to student outside there, you can start building your business in school because if you graduate you will end up like your brothers/sister who graduate 20-30 years ago still battling with the little salary given to them which rise at inflation price and their cost of living outgrowth their earnings and later then they retired them after 35 years of service and the combat with poverty realtime.

If you don’t want that to happen then start building business when you can so that you can earn passively for the rest of your life, right now my income have shifted to six figure monthly courtesy of Neolife.

Emerald Director

Short Story

Name: Daramola Gabriel Olawale

Work before: Currently Student , 300 level.

Position now: Emerald Director

Native: Osun state

Our Brand New Emerald Director - Mr. Adegbola & Olaniyi Popoola


My name is Adegbola Julius Popoola. A native of Ilesha in OSUN STATE.

I joined this business in 2017.

If you remember my story 3 months ago I become a Director in this business and today am in another stage of the business known as Emerald Director.

If I can achieve this, so you can. Am still young and I believe in using an opportunity to be the best in Life, my aim of helping others to become like me and better is now paying.

All you need to do is to join the trend, NEOLIFE is a life changing opportunity. Currently the country is not speaking our language, is either you have the virus or you are been sacked. This company provide health and nothing like you been sacked, take you chance today and remaining will be PERFECT PERFECTION.

And I give thanks to Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to see this day, I also thank those who are Congratulating me…

We shall all meet at the TOP.

Emerald Director

Short Story

Name: Adegbola & Olaniyi Popoola

Work Before: Graphics Designer

Position: Emerald Director

Native of Ilesa, Osun State.

Started the business in 2017.

Below Are Our Brand New Director - June 2020

Mr. Kolapo Samuel

My name is Samuel Kolawole Kolapo.

I was born and brought up in Benue state where I had the privilege to attend of the top 3 best schools in Nigeria right from nursery until I graduated from the secondary school. I had a good result and my father went through a financial fall while I was in SS3. My Father had to sell his refrigerator to fund my Waec and Neco. After the exams, we decided to leave Benue state. In 2012 we left Benue state,and our way to Ibadan, I told my Dad that I would prefer to stay in Ilesa and So the journey began.

I faced a lot of challenges in Ilesa both Spiritual and physical. I suffered a lot of humiliations, set ups, down falls and much much more. During this time, I got employed in a private school called SETO internation, earning #5000/month, I later moved on to another school God's time internation where I started with #6500. Because the proprietress was a nice women and because of my brilliance and hardwork,I was promoted to the secondary section where I taught JSS1,JSS2 and JSS3 about 5 subjects each (THE TOP 5 SUBJECTS in secondary school.) And had a salary raise to #9500. I work extremely hard that I got so frustrated and decided to quit. But because of my love for the owner,I switched to part time, and I got employed in the pig factory where we go every morning, bath and feed the pigs. So I was doing the two until I had problems and I angrily quit. I stayed home jobless for 6 months and later was called to another secondary school to teach. There,I taught JSS1 and JSS2 but this time, only 3 subjects and I earn #4000/ month. My monthly compulsory expenses were much, Nepa Bill alone was about #1500-#2500 monthly. That was how I was managing.

You see, In life, DO NOT EVER THINK OF GIVING UP YOUR DREAMS. I kept on praying and asking for mercy. And God visited me in a wondrous way. In the Church, I was a choir member, I had an issue then and was suspended. I was serving SUSPENSION when God answered my prayers. One faithful day, I was already starving because I had not eaten for 7 days. I thought that instead of dieing of hunger, let me go and visit my sister at Ilo, at least I will eat there. On my way, I was so tired because the journey is far and I was already starving, I begged a bike man to help me and he did, when he dropped me, he introduced this business to me, and I joined the business. And after 3 months, my story began to change. Although I faced a lot of challenges in the business. In fact, well, Glory to God.

I kept firing and God was with me. He promised and He fulfilled his promise in my life. And Today, I am one of the Qualified Directors.

If I can do it, you also can do it. It's a matter of decision and determination. I can't say much here though, but my advice is that, get started and always put God first and so it shall be well with you.


Short Story

Name : Kolapo Samuel

Work before : Student, Teacher and Farmer.

Position: Qualified Director

Native : Ibadan, Oyo state.

Mr. Mr Abimbola Joshua, AKA Joposky

My name is Mr Abimbola Joshua, AKA Joposky

Before I heard about this life changing business opportunity, I am SS3 O Level Graduate, During my SS3 Period, I am also learning Moto Mechanic Job After Closing school hour, My Boss use to give me #200 Per Day after work, my boss also use to Do moto reselling/dealer, My own dream back then is to follow my boss path, Do Moto mechanic and also resell car's

But I knew how our family and background is, We are very poor, Even if I wish to further my education and leave this hand work, No one to sponsor me, So this is the work i focus on, But with this work, I am not Happy with it because of the work dressing.

One grateful day, my sponsor called me on phone and explain this business to me i did not think it twice, I am very happy to join, I started as a member and very passionate about the business, I made my first sales of 125$ in 10Day's after joining the business, I don't say you will make your own first sale in 10day's, May take you 3-5months+ lol, My sponsor and Upline was very happy, But trust me after following months of like 3 months, I did not make any money again, But in 4th month I strive and gain more knowledge about the business, that was when I make money and register as a manager, In April 2017, As a manager back then, It's very rough and though, I face a lot of challenges, Money making challenges and home challenges, But After 21Month's I became a Senior Manager and that was January 2019.

And I became A QUALIFIED DIRECTOR In June 2020

My advice is for 2 category of people

1) Already joined FHG Member

See, if you are not ready to become a leader or ready to take responsibility, Your step up and achievement is limited.

See, If you are not ready to face the Challenge's you are not ready for the success, you must face the challenges, it's a must, because that's where your success is

2) If you are still not among this life changing business opportunity, what ever you are doing right now, can you stop it for 5year's and sleep for 2year's and still earn, If no, Run away and Join this business opportunity....

*Work with leaders

*Mingle with achievers not complainers and I am 100% Sure we will celebrate you soon

Appreciate the creator

I am JÓpO$ky👍


Short Story

Name : Mr Abimbola Joshua, AKA Joposky

Work Before: Student, Moto Mechanic

City: Ilesha

Status: Director

Mr. Adewuyi Ayobami AKA Techyground

I’m Ayobami Adewuyi by name.

I acknowledge God Almighty because He’s the one who made it possible.Before this wonderful opportunity, I was a hustler, yes I mean hustler, have been into different kind of business but my love for anything related to computer has been with me right from time. Have been opportuned to learn computer engineering in the past, I learnt graphics design, website design, blogging on my own and later went to perfect my graphics skills at Ibadan. I joined this wonderful business at October 2017 and I was in 300level

then at Federal University of Technology Akure, the department of Marine Science and Technology and now a graduate with Second Class Upper and presently serving our fathers land (Corp Member)Yes, the journey was rough and tough but all glory to God

Almighty, I am now a standard Director in Neolife International. My sponsor told me back then about this business on whatsapp around 2am and linked me up with my Mentor and Motivator in the person of Mr. Ajewole Michael, he explained the business concept to me and I saw it’s what I can do to achieve my dreams and a quote says, “The greatest focal point in life is when preparedness meets work”- have been training and developing myself on several online skills but FHG gave me the platform to showcase them.You may be facing a lot of challenges financially and think doing illegal things is the way, No, I can boldly say I have all the tools to become a Yahoo guy right from time but never engaged in it because I know it is never my way. You too can succeed without involving in illegal activities.With FHG, I can say have been able to achieve a lot which I

might not be able to mention all, I was this very shy type then that can never face the crowd, I don’t like reading books but now I can face and stand in front of lots of people and have over 50books currently in my shelf which I do read.

Let me go straight to my advice, don't take any training for granted because you don't know which day the word that will change your business will be spoken. It was during a senior manager training I caught fire that pushed me to get a big apartment for office which was spoken by Mr. Nwanka Omojowolo.

My schooling slowed my business a bit but trust me, you can do the business with schooling but it will require a greater determination because there will be lots of distraction from friends and you must have a clear focus of what you want and where you want to be in life.


Short Story

Name : Mr Adewuyi Ayobami, AKA Techyground

Work Before: Student, Graphics Designer, Blogger

City: Akure

Status: Director

Mr. Adekola Abiodun Ismail ( Appermak )

Hi there ....



before I had the advantage of becoming part of this organization I was a no body brought up from a zero family and living a no dreamers land

I personally knew that I needed to work more than than anyone else in the world if possibly I’m going to rewrite the story in my family for better

I also had a dream like you that is reading now, but as we all know the situation of this country kills more dreams than we can all imagine..

Daily struggling and striving for surviving led me to to leave my family and to say good bye to dad and mom at the age of 17 that was a month after finishing writing my WAEC AND NECO because my education was so fast at the beginning.

I was hoping to becoming a professional footballer of which I had went for more than 9 different footballing trials and my mom had to continue selling her properties and borrow to sponsor all these because my dad is an Alfa and he belief playing football is like wasting of time.

I came back to Osun states in ILE Ife to struggle for sometime in order for me to gather some money for my schooling career. I worked for almost 3 years in more than 12 places as a salary earners including selling black market at the ILE Ife toll gate along Ibadan express road and also worked in hotels and car wash and playing lotto which is known as baba ijebu.

After a long period of trying someone promised to help me got admitted into OAU and I gave him all the money I’ve worked for and he lastly duped me because have even bought all the tools I needed to use in school I was very excited. I plan not to quit pursuing this until I finally got admission and had to dropped out from school after my dad passed away..

The life for me too seems to be coming to an end because I had no clue again and no glimpse of light out the tunnel

I decided to continue working as a salary earner which I went to Lagos Abeokuta Abuja kaduna and later came back to the western side in ado ekiti to work as an Errand boy for a well known herbalist . This is what I was doing before I was opportune to meet this life changing business

One day I received a call that literally changed the story for better from my sponsor . He told me about building the business and having my own ID number and working as a slave to someone that’s is building his or her business I was shocked to hear this and immediately I decide to come Osun state for proper explanation about this business. I decided to join after all the beautiful life analysis my eyes was open and I said it’s alright working and earning 7-10k monthly I really don’t want to become a slave

I started working on my main 2-1 business which are online and offline then as a normal member like everyone else The journey was tough but we keep on shooting and fighting the selfish poverty

Today I’m a brand new director I’m one of our organization leader and a brand NEW DIRECTOR IN NEOLIFE BUSINESS

if I can do it I belief you reading now can even do it much more better

With the current stage in my business I am always excited about what future hold for me because the future is secure already Insha allah

My advice to you distributors/members out there is

Don’t ever think for a sec that quitting is the solution . Remember the story of JAGUNMOLU FATAI and the likes OF Abraham Lincoln. Because you can fight a battle more than once to win it .. because winners never quit and quitters never win

And to you out there that is looking a way to say no to poverty this is the right time for you to join and let use this opportunity to work in reducing the level of poverty in our society Don’t just dream Start doing now. Remember at times opportunity might not knock So it’s the right time for you to build a door

Thank you #NEOLIFE thank you #MRJAGUNMOLU thank you #MR@9TY4OURMYSPONSOR

Thanks to all of our organization leaders and members



Short Story


WORK B/F: ERRAND BOY/ PA collecting 10k per month


Adeleke Mubarak Adekunle ( Hardem)

I'm Adeleke Mubarak Adekunle ( Hardem )

Before joining this wonderful opportunity I am a graduate of one of the best Arabic school at Ikirun and also I have finished my O'level which my results well completed with good grade. I planned to sit for Jamb for me to further my school because no matter how old I am I can still further the Arabic school later.

I wrote my first jamb in March 2018 but before then I find job as a teacher at one of the primary school in Ikirun for me not to be sitting at home alone which I'm also earning almost 10k as a salary then.

I have heard about the business for so long but I don't have full details about it and people around me see me as someone that can not do the business maybe due to my personalities or my parents because my dad is a well known Islamic scholar.

One day my sponsor chatted me up ( Mr Salahudeen Abdusalam) on Facebook and introduced me to the business I don't think on it twice and I made up my mind and joined the business as part-time then until a day I sit down and think about how life goes and see that no matter how hard I work as a salary earner it will be in favor to my boss not me, the reason I knew that is when I'm teaching then all my student were so brilliant to the level their parents always give me a call or come to school to thank me even invited me for afternoon lesson after the closing time but out there it was the school name that people are mentioning around that the school is good and great.

I resigned and focus on my joining while everything was rough and tough to the level I lose most of my friends even family but I didn't let that depress because I believe in what my heart stick with and today I'm now a brand new DIRECTOR in the business working towards my next step as Emirad Director soon in shaa Allah rahamon

My advice for all Alfa and student out there is to think wise and do what can make them have the chance to achieve their dream and give them opportunity to use what they learn in Arabic school and what they learn in school


As I am today I'm earning income that makes me financially okay this may not be fully now but if I can achieve what I have achieved today within just 1 year and 10 months what I will achieve ahead will be bigger and supper.

Not that I achieve this alone but still have many people around me that achieve same through me, I have help many people which still continue, I pray Almighty help me and everyone through

If you think of helping people achieving their dream and goals then join the business now and get a better way of life

Doubt no more and join the business now. Thanks

Adeleke Mubarak Adekunle ( Hardem) is my name once again


Short Story

Short story

Name: Adeleke Mubarak Adekunle ( Hardem)

Work: Student and working as teacher

Position: Director

Native of Ikirun, Osun State.

Started business : Mach 2018


Our Latest Senior Manger - June 2020

Name: Akanbi Caleb Oladayo.

Native: Oyo State.

Work Before: Student.

Status: Senior manager

I am a native of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, before I heard about this business, I was a 300L student of Federal University of Technology Akure, now a graduate serving my father land. One day, my sponsor told me about this business, I noticed it is what I can do together with my schooling, then decided to join. Currently, I am a Qualified Senior Manager in Neo life business, building the business of a Director.

I joined this business because I needed some cash to get something. And in this business I have achieved alot

My advice for everyone is that, no matter what you are passing through in your business, don't quit. One day your time will come and you will be celebrated. But if you quit, that day will never come.

5 diamond director is the goal. let us all meet there.


Akanbi Caleb Oladayo

Senior Manager

Name:Adeniran Emmanuel

Native: Oyo State

Work before: Student

Status: Senior manager

Before I heard about this business opportunity, I was an undergraduate and also into buying and selling of health products, working all Menial Jobs to make an ends meet....

I was introduced to the business and learnt alot about the difference between SCHOOLING and EDUCATION- cause i got admission into school with the wrong mindset, I just wanted to go to school... I made it a choice to join and build a life of FREEDOM & LIFESTYLE...

WORD OF ADVICE: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do. Never Quit! We Rise by lifting Others! Help others to Succeed through You and you will also Succeed!

Adeniran Emmanuel

Senior Manager

Name: Orangun Michael

Native: Lagos State

Work before: Student

Status: Senior Manager

Orangun Michael

Senior Manager

Name:- Oyekanmi Adeola Precious

Native :- Ilesa osun stat

Story:-Before I heard about this business opportunity, I was an undergraduate and also a graphic designer working to make all ends meet....

I was introduced to the business and learnt alot about the difference between SCHOOLING and EDUCATION....I made it a choice to join and build my business...

WORD OF ADVICE: Don't stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit AND always NOTE that Quitters never win and WINNERS never quit

Status :- Senior manager

Oyekanmi Adeola Precious

Senior Manager

Name: Ibrahim Omotayo

Occupation Before: Electrical and Rewinder Engineer and a Student.

Address: Mongbolu Sere's Compound Isale Oba

Home Town: Iwo, Osun State.

Place Of Residence: Offa Kwara State.

Current Status: Senior Manager

Ibrahim Omotayo

Senior Manager

I am a native of ilesa, before I heard about this business, I was a secondary school graduate seeking admission. One day, my sponsor told me about this business, think about for a while then decided to join. Currently, I am a Senior Manager in Neo life business stepping up to Director.

What has kept me going is the fact I can be a multi- millionaire in neo life and having my established company.

My advice for everyone is to keep shooting with the right strategies.

We shall all meet at the top.

Akinleye Abiodun

Qualified Senior Manager


Work before: Student

Position: Senior Manager

Lives in: Offa

Olaleye David Olamide

Senior Manager

I am once a student looking for IT placement before I came across this fantastic and wonderful opportunity. I don't know how people succeed and what am looking for then is just a salary job before I came across my sponsor.

I came from a family of 4 and we are living fine. After am through with my SSCE, I gained admission into poly for my national diploma to student SLT. After am through with my ND program am looking for IT placement where they will pay me huge amount before I can go back for my HND because my parent so much believe in education.

Moshood Sherifat Moyinoluwa

Senior Manager

My name is Oke Samuel. I was a student seeking for admission desperately before joining the business. I came across this business opportunity with ease I procrastinated a though a deep sense of foresight.

One beautiful day, I went back to meet my sponsor with the greatest decision I made to join the business. I started as a member and today, I a Qualified Senior Manager in the business stepping up to director

Oke Samuel

Senior Manager

My name is Oluwatobiloba Olusesi from Ilesha

Before I heard about this wonderful opportunity in this business I was a 0 level graduate still seeking for admission but on the process of staying idle I have to find something in support of my life helpfully by God mercy I found my sponsor That night and ask her was is being done in the business, She gave me in brief and told me to make it to office the next day

I followed the instructions so:- Me joining yesterday took me the step of becoming a Senior Manager and also running on the track of becoming a director watch out soon we will all archive our great dreams of all

Oluwatobiloba Olusesi

Senior Manager

y name is Adesokan Samuel from ipetumodu, before I heard about this wonderful business opportunity I was a Student seeking for admission and also Airtel Sim seller, during the process of my work I met my sponsor and he explained about the business opportunity for me and I grabbed it.

My decision yesterday to joined the business make me senior manager in the business and also running the race of director.

If I can do it, I know everyone here can do it and we will all meet at the top.

Adesokan Samuel

Senior Manager

WORK BEFORE: Student POSITION: Senior manager.

Reside in osogbo Osun state. I joined this business in March 2020. NEXT GOAL:

My next goal is to grow my own team just like my sponsor did, to become a standard director

Damilare olatunbosun olamide

Senior Manager

Work before: Student

Position: Snr Manager

Resides in: Osogbo, Osun state

Joined in: September,2019

*Next goal* : Director

Adedoyin Peter

Senior Manager

Work Before: Electrical apprentice, and also Hustler....

I learned so many lessons outside there when am an apprentice, am living rough/rugged life, before I take a look at my sponsor, I noticed and see so many good things in his life, because I knew how we're leaving before, I asked him out about this business, and he gave me full explanation...

Advice: JUST DO IT.. We shall all meet at the top.

Oluyemi Olalekan & Adeshola

Senior Manager

Work before : Students And Working As Electrician That is remaining one month to have my own freedom and three months to WAEC examination so I heard about the business and I quit electrician work and give the business full time so my Yes yesterday make me as Senior Manager stepping up to director

Lawal Kamalideen Adebayo

Senior Manager

My Business Name Is Malik & Latifat Olawale.

Before I Join This Business I'm A Student Also A Sim Card Seller So I've Been Selling This Sim Card Like 2 to 3 Years Without Moving Forward Like I'm Just Staying At One Place.

So One Day My Sponsor Text Me Through WhatsApp And Told Me About This Business And For Me I've Been Looking For A Great Opportunity Aside This Sim Card That I've Been Selling For The Past Year So I Did Not Go Back Home And Set For Parent Opinion Because I Know Is What I Can Do

My YES Yesterday Make Me Senior Manager In The Business Today Stepping Up To Director

Malik & Latifat Olawale

Senior Manager

My business name is Niniola Taoheed, before I joined this wonderful business opportunity I'm a secondary school graduate which is also going to madrasat

I heard about the businesses and I grabbed it and I joined the wonderful business opportunity, today I'm now a senior manager stepping up to the next level

Niniola Taoheed

Senior Manager

My business name is Abdullahi Adekunle before I joined this wonderful business opportunity I'm a secondary school graduate which is also going to madrasat

I heard about the business opportunity and I see that is what I can do in give it a Trier today I'm now a SENIOR MANAGER stepping up to the DIRECTOR

Abdullahi Adekunle

Senior Manager

My name is Oyebiyi Oluwatobi Samuel.

Before i hear this wonderful business opportunity i was a student (s s.c.e) and i know that in this life it's not what you know but what you have that's what make me join this business and since i have join the business and known my sponsor i always love been among the business.

The business is all about good achievement and success.

Oyebiyi Oluwatobi Samuel

Senior Manager

My business name is sulaimon saheed opeyemi.

Before i join this business opportunities i was a student at ilekewu i meet my sponsor at isa afo and he explain the business to me and i join today am a senior manager in the business stepping up to director

Sulaimon Saheed Opeyemi.

Senior Manager

My Business name is Agboola Yunus Opeyemi.

Firstly, I will have to appreciate our FHG founder

Mr Jagunmolu Abdulfatai1, Mr Salawudeen Abdulsalam and my amiable sponsor Mr Adeleke Mubarak.

- Before I heard about this wonderful Business opportunity I was and still a student and a Fashion Designer.

A day to write my Post UTME was introduced to me this Business by my sponsor, he gave me full explanation about it, I digest it and see the reality. I compared what he explained to my current working state, because with what am doing before I can't say this is exactly what I want to be become.

What motivate most is the changes on my sponsor, both wears and materials. And I decided to join.

Given up my POST UTME exam that day for Business make me a SENIOR MANAGER stepping up to DIRECTOR

Agboola Yunus Opeyemi

Senior Manager

Before I heard about this wonderful Business opportunity I was and still a student.

A day I went to my friend freedom celebration I was introduced this Business to me by my friend.... Although I have know my sponsor before but I don't know what kind of business he's doing, so I decided to called my sponsor and he gave me full explanation about this business.

I digest it and compared what he explained to me with what I'm doing before because with what am doing before I can't say this is exactly what I want to be become.

What motivate me most is the changes on my sponsor and, both wears and materials. And I decided to join.

Muda Sheriff Opeyemi

Senior Manager

My Business name is Musa & Hamad Hassan Before I join this wonderful opportunity I'm a student and also I'm a carpenter, I worked as a carpenter for like 8years, I have start carpenter from 10years old because it's my father profession, without wasting time one day I'm with my friends think of making money with online survey before one of our friend came and tell us about my sponsor, I went to meet my sponsor in Raoda Arabic school and he explained how business is working and I asked him what it will cost me to start the business,he said book and pen then I decided to join the business, my decision yesterday make me senior manager stepping up to director

Musa & Hamad Hassan

Senior Manager

My name is Idowu Ayomide Luca, Am a Student before i join this Business opportunity, Also I do illegal Online business to be responsible, but i know i cant be great doing this wrong thing

I was motivated by my sponsor and she explain this business opportunity to me, i join and i do the right thing, learning, training, facing set backs but i strive to achieve more and follow the business rule

Today am now a senior manager in the business stepping up to director.

All thanks to God and thanks to the great man who lead the way to this business Mr Jagunmolu and thanks to my team leader Mr Joposky, Mr Israel for the inspirations and ways to achieve more

With this business i have my own personal phone business am running successfully.

Thanks to this business opportunity

Idowu Ayomide Luca

Senior Manager

My name is Ganiyu Ibrahim. Before I heard about this wonderful opportunity, I am a student looking forward to write my WAEC.

One beautiful day, my sponsor told me about this wonderful opportunity and I Grab it. And my decision yesterday make me a Senior Manager in the business.

If I can do it I believe everybody can do it. We shall all meet at the top.

Thank You.

Ganiyu Ibrahim

Senior Manager


Before I heard about the wonderful opportunity I am a secondary School graduate and also working at High Court Ilesa as a computer typist in affidavit department to meet my needs Then....

I was introduce to this business and the decision I take yesterday make me one if the Senior Manager Stepping up to Next Post

WORD OF ADVICE :- What I need to say is that always listen to your Team Leader and Sponsor and remember this Challenges don't last long but never quit the business be ready to prove the success is there. Also remember to help other to be successful as well and you will also Successed !!

We shall all meet at the top


Fakolujo Samuel Tobiloba

Senior Manager

My name Samuel Timilehin, before I had about this business opportunity I was working as a cashier at a Bet9ja shop and as well an aspirant seeking for admission, as an employee then, I knew my dreams are big enough that salary can't accomplish them all, in my look out for what I can venture into I met with my sponsor, he introduced the business opportunity to me and I grabbed it. My decison of yesterday makes me a Senior Manager in the business, building the business of a Director. My advice for everyone is, all jobs and business has risks but this worth it, let's go for it. We shall all meet at the Top. Applause to God almighty 👏👏👏

Samuel Timilehin

Senior Manager

My name is Obembe Ayomiposi Abolarinwa, before I joined this life changing business I am a student and also learning painting work earning #300 - #500 in a day. So, on a faithful evening my brother explained this business opportunity to me and I think over it that its such a business that will change my life and also secure better future for my generations, immediately I joined the business. Since then, I have been achieving some things I could never imagine I would achieve in 2 years to come. Yesterday I was a manager and now I am SENIOR MANAGER in the business.

We shall all meet at the TOP.


Obembe Ayomiposi Abolarinwa

Senior Manager

Name:Tajudeen Yusuf olawale

Position: Senior Manager

Work before: Student

Reside in Oshogbo, osun state.

Joined this business on February 2020

Next goal is to build the business of director.......

Tajudeen Yusuf olawale

Senior Manager

I joined this wonderful business like 1 year 6 month ago and I can able to see the clear vision ahead

Work Before: Bricklayer Current Status: SENIOR MANAGER

Adekola Ibrahim

Senior Manager

Name : Adigun Muideen AKA Moneykid

Work before: Student

Positio : Snr Manager

Resides in: Okinni, Osun state

Joined in: August,2019

Next goal: Director

Adigun Muideen AKA Moneykid

Senior Manager

After my SSCE, I worked for someone for some months. As time goes on, I got fed up with the work. So, I decided to find another job, at a Polythene company which I was offered.During this time, my sponsor who is a friend called me and explained the business to me.

I listened and realize that if he can get results from the business, I also can do it.I joined and today I'm a senior manager in the business.

My advice for people starting is that, to get ahead in life, you need an opportunity and this is the opportunity.


Native: Imesi-Ile, Osun stateStatus: S/Manager

Temitope Olamirinde Matthias

Senior Manager

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